Gitta Witzel was born 1989 in Neubrandenburg, which was, back then, part of the German Democratic Republic. Soon after the Wall came down, she moved to Öhringen, a small city in the South of Germany. During her time in primary school, she went on stage for the first time and thereby was introduced to the craft of acting. The passion for acting has accompanied her ever since.

At the age of 17 years, she flew to Los Angeles on her own in order to improve her English skills by attending a language course in Santa Monica. Soon after graduating from high school, she went to Canada to participate in a work & travel program. Upon returning to Germany, she started to study Applied Media Economics in Cologne. In addition to her studies and she also accomplished a trimester in Melbourne (Australia).

Gitta has worked in many various jobs, especially in the tv and movie industry. With having worked a lot on set, she has developed a broad expertise in the whole production process. But there was always one thing, she never got out of her mind. And that was the love for acting. She can now look back on many years of working in front and behind the camera. To make this passion her own, she also started a blog back in August 2015 on which she shares street style photographs, travel experiences and small life updates. Make sure to follow along to see what she has been up to!