Gitta_Witzel_Outfit_Velvet_Topshop_Blazer_Vila_Maxi_Skirt-Gitta_Witzel_Outfit_Velvet_Topshop_Blazer_Vila_Maxi_Skirt-Gitta_Witzel_Outfit_Velvet_Topshop_Blazer_Vila_Maxi_SkirtGitta_Witzel_Outfit_Velvet_Topshop_Blazer_Vila_Maxi_Skirt- Gitta_Witzel_Outfit_Velvet_Topshop_Blazer_Vila_Maxi_Skirt

Blazer –  Topshop
Blouse – H&M – Buy HERE* 
Midi skirt – Vila – Buy HERE*
Heels – Buffalo
Bag – Guess – Buy  HERE

I have this thing with soundtracks. Since I work in the film industry I know what kind of a huge impact music can have on movies. Last year I have been to a Hans Zimmer concert and was amazed by all the work he has done for the industry. So I guess you aren’t surprised if I tell you that I even have my own soundtrack folder on my computer where I store one of my favourite songs. After watching LA LA Land lately, I have added some more songs as I loved the soundtrack – might even receive an Academy Award for it. At the same time I added this folder back into my playlist. And once again I was surprised by the power of music. This specifically goes for the Bitter Sweet Symphony from The Verve. I have been listening to this song for many years now and it first got my attention while I was watching the movie Cruel Intention over and over with one of my closest friends who unfortunately passed away. Ironically this song has some kind of a bitter sweet impact on me as on the one hand it takes me back to a very carefree, but crystal clear state; watching this movie together with my friend and just enjoying ourself and on the other hand, it reminds me of the past which experienced an abrupt end. So, I do not listen to those songs often, but when I do, I know exactly how they make me feel and I am somehow lucky that I found an instrument for me to take me back to the past – at least from time to time.

This outfit is an interpretation of my so-called fashion symphony of velvet and volant features. As both have a very sublime impression on me and are somewhat royal. Unfortunately we faced the typical ‘Schietwetter’ in Hamburg which made it quiet difficult to take proper outfit pictures. But therefore I could play around with my editing a bit – I hope you like it :)

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Photography by Melissa Loreena

Art Direction, Editing and Modeling by Gitta Witzel

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