One of my first acting teachers once said to me that I am an ‘over-thinker’. She was right. I overthink. Quiet often, unfortunately. And it definitely hinders me from putting my plans into action. Instead of ‘just doing things’, I think about many reasons not to do it or I procrastinate. Why? I don’t really know. It is not that I choose to think that much. It just happens. And I also know that if I don’t start somewhere, nothing will ever happen.

The past weeks have been a real emotional rollercoaster for me. I had and still have to deal with a lot of private issues that made me question a lot. Unfortunately, I lost a family member, which as saddened as it is, is part of life. You have to deal with it. But then you also start to think about life in general again. About the things we too often take for granted. Back to overthinking. Ever wondered why we even live (despite genesis or other development theories)? Or why human beings look the way they look? And why there are planets and all this kind of stuff? For most of these questions, there isn’t an answer, which quiet frankly drives me nuts sometimes. But it seems like we never question those given circumstances in our daily lives. We exist. We live from day to day never really questioning why we did what we did. We do the things other people showed us to do. Just question all the things you do in a day! You will see that almost everything is something you don’t really need to do and especially not in the way you do it. Are you still with me or have I lost you with my super rare questions? But isn’t it true that everything is part of a system, other people have build over the years/decades? I mean, I cannot really choose, if I want to pay taxes or not. And if I don’t play by the rules, I am considered to be an outcast.

And once you think about those things, you kinda look at the world a bit different. Especially at the use of social media. This whole ‘sharing movement’ got a bit out of control in my opinion. And it seems like too many people became a victim of this movement. No one on this planet would have shared a photo of their food 15! years ago, or pinned a photo of the vacation on a public board so everyone can see it. It might sound somehow hypocritical now, as I am sharing those things myself. But I do overthink it. Now more than ever.

I am often conflicted about whether I share ‘this picture’ or ‘this information’ now or not. And then I see others sharing super private moments of their lives. For example kids. Nowadays, I happen to see so many kids photos. Have they thought about their child’s privacy for once? Privacy. A good many people lost in the 21st century. It would be a lie to say I am not influenced by it. It seems to be part of the system now that you have to share private matters in order to be authentic and approachable. As in my case, I really thought a lot about sharing the news about the death in my family or not. Which is super stupid. I would be curious about your opinion on those matters! Can you relate to my thoughts? Well, as someone who works in a public environment, it is up to me on what information I share or not. And sometimes I struggle with drawing the line.

Another thing I noticed in this whole social media bubble is that I often see people post similar photos. Everyone is kinda copying someone. It got a bit boring I must say. Everyone has maybe their own ‘journey’, but what they share of it, is much alike. I know how interesting it is to watch other people’s lives. And we all tend to enjoy lives that seem far distant from our own. Many times, I caught myself indulging in other peoples stories live and then I remember what I once read on Zanita’s blog about successful people not getting distracted especially by comparing. We are all individuals and shouldn’t compare, nor copy one another. We are all unique. Therefore shouldn’t question things. If you feel like doing something – DO IT. If you feel like saying something – SAY IT. Life is too short!

Ok, I guess this is a lot to process, but I felt like writing it down as it is something I think about a lot. I try to stop thinking for a bit now, and enjoy this Easter time. I wish you all relaxing holidays. x Gitta



I was wearing:

Pleated Trousers – Urban Outfitters (HERE – on SALE!)
Hoodie  – Champion (HERE)
Sneakers – Puma

Photography by Carolin Kruse

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  • Reply
    29. April 2018 at 1:08

    Sehr schön und gut kombiniert

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    Yara Mel
    13. April 2018 at 23:17

    These moody photos are amazing, the light is just perfect!
    I LOVE your words! ”You will see that almost everything is something you don’t really need to do and especially not in the way you do it. ” Yes, we’re trapped in a system and so used to it that we don’t even question things anymore, we just follow them like robots, which is sad.

    I also agree that sharing private stuff makes people ore approachable but still..not sure if I would do it myself. I’m very hesitant in even sharing my real location sometimes haha. And too many people are indeed sharing the s-a-m-e things online. I don’t know if it’s the presets fault but some pages look so much alike it gets boring.

    You will see that almost everything is something you don’t really need to do and especially not in the way you do it.


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    4. April 2018 at 6:43

    Zanita’s article is really interesting and so so TRUE!! I’m not liking social media anymore, or at least not as much as before, exactly for this reason. We are more ready to compare our lives with others rather than truly enjoy what we have. Sending love for your loss, xx

  • Reply
    2. April 2018 at 17:00

    Thank you so much for including my article from Zanita! I loved how you applied it to your own circumstances. Would love to stay in touch – pop by my blog sometime and say hi!

    xx Brittany @notanotherblonde

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    2. April 2018 at 10:32

    You totally spoke my mind in your post. I am an ‚Overthinker‘ as well and I started to question a lot more things than I used to do. And I think it is a good thing to question your life, your actions and not be a puppet and walk through life with blinkers on. Especially with the influence of the mass of social media nowadays you have to keep on mind what’s real. That’s why I love your feed and your stories, because they seem real and not faked or build on advertisement.
    And I dont think you have to share private matters to be authentic. Maybe the commercial accounts should do so because to me they are just some kind of puppets that act according to the brand that pays them and that’s not real or authentic at all…

    So, keep doing what you’re doing and stay real and content with what you do!

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