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Aaaand I am back. I know it has been a while since I last published a blogpost, and I am sorry for everyone who has been waiting for a new update. Not that I want to excuse the wait, but a lot has been going on. In fact, the first half of 2018 was one of most intensive times I had in a while. Unfortunately doing justice to my blog was not part of it even though it was on my mind the whole time. But with my (sometimes very strong) all-or-nothing personality I felt like I wasn’t able to do it properly. Therefore I let it rest. Once you are committed to something, you just want to do it right, and if other circumstance keep you from doing that, I think it’s better to put it on hold until you can focus on it again.

Without going into full detail, I think that a very turbulent roller coaster ride would describe the last six months best. With a lot of highs, and a lot of lows. It was exhausting to say the least. But the human body and mind works kind of funny, because it can cope with a looooot. Up until a certain point. I know that I can handle stress very well, and sometimes I even work best under. But when you hit that certain point, nothing seems to work anymore. I lacked everything: Energy, creativity, motivation, etc. In the end,  I had to press the pause button for my own sake. Which is what what I just did.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen that I recently have been to New York (Yes, there will be a blogpost about that trip soon – currently working on it!). For ten days, I took the much neaded break, and tried to recharge and free my mind. It was the best I could have done. Even though New York may not seem to be the typical city to relax, but I was longing to head back to the states again. Everyone who knows me well,  knows how much I love it there. And my last New York visit was nine years ago, so it was definitely about time!

While being there, I decided that I have to get back into blogging as it was something I really missed. I just love being creative on my own, with no one telling me how things should be done, how some things work or need to look like. Plus there is no algorithm I have to figure out (this might seem to be an unresolvable task anyway) haha.

So here are some pictures from my latest shoot with Carolin. We met in the lovely Berlin café House of Small Wonder which has one of the most beautiful entry areas I have ever seen. Like an urban jungle with lots of plants and wood. I also just found out that the place was originally created in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. No wonder why I also fell in love with Williamsburg, but I will tell you more about that soon. And as fate would have it, my top matched the surrounding :-) Hope you like them!

Photography by Carolin Kruse



Kicking of 2018 with a super cool business look wearing a striking red suit and the coolest statement shirt out there! If you ask me, I think that suits are like the epitome of business attire. But I didn’t want to wear the usual black or grey one. I wanted something that is a real eye-catcher and I guess this red suit does the job. I love that it is a more looser cut and I really started to take a liking to wide legged, flowing trousers. And when I saw the ‘MIXING VODKA AND EMOTIONS‘ tee (ok, I would usually opt for Gin, but who cares at that point), I knew that it was made for me. Coolest fact is that the brand – WRSTBHVR – is a Berlin based fashion brand. Well, support your local heroes!

Wearing matching pieces like this paisley printed co-ords outfit, or this grey suit styled boots have already become my favorite kind of day-to-day looks. You always look super dressed no matter what! You can either dress them up or down, but either way it looks stylish. Like a win-win situation. So, 2018 will definitely be a year when I will add more suits to my wardrobe.

I also want to make 2018 my best business year so far. Both for my acting, as well as blogging career. But despite me feeling very motivated, everyone around me seemed to do a slow start. Therefore nothing much happened this first week in 2018. Except that I finally got into my workout routine (after all this Christmas food), submitted an e-casting for a cool commercial (fingers crossed, please) and finally shot with Melissa again. She helped me to take photos of my apartment for a collaboration I am having (interior post coming soon!) as well as some outfit photos. So stay tuned! There will be a lot of content here.

How about your first week in 2018? Are you satisfied about how the year started?



Red Suit – Zara // Statement Shirt – WRSTBVHR // Watch – Fossil // Bag – Old one from my mum :)





What happens when you ask your uncle and cousin to come up with a cool headline for these photographs?  First you will have a lot to laugh about and second you can watch them philosophize for minutes. The result: The urban ambiguity – smart & sober. Pretty cool huh? Well, they even thought about starting a firm specialized in creating headlines haha.

So, back to these photographs which I can finally share with you. We took them on the day of my big Gucci Bloom campaign photoshoot for which I selected a couple of floral dresses in order to complement the message of the new Gucci Bloom fragrance. I really fell in love with this floral ombre dress, but it wasn’t suitable for the campaign shoot. So, on our way to the restaurant as we were super hungry and exhausted, we quickly stopped at an industrial area in Dessau to take these outfits pics in like 10 minutes. But they turned out soooo good and are probably my favorite pictures of 2017.

Speaking of which. 2017 is almost over and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. This came way to quickly. I am currently at my relatives and will travel to my hometown and am really looking forward to see all my friends & family again. Happy Holidays. x Gitta

Floral ombre dress – Asos // Ankle Boots – Glamorous via Asos // Baker Boy Hat – Asos // Coat – H&M 

Photography by Jennifer Becker



Gazing on the calendar today. And there it is. In cold print: 03 December 2017. I am asking myself what has happened from January to November and why 2017 is already expiring. By the time I am getting older, I just want to press pause at some point as the years seem rushing by faster and faster. Do you feel me? I made 2017 a year of changes. And I mean a lot of changes. But what would life be without change? Right. Boring!


I guess, I made on of the most important decisions in my life this year. So, if you follow me on my Instagram already or have read some of my articles, you may or may not know that I also work for tv/film productions. Preferably in front of the camera. And that is actually something I wanted to do as long as I can think of. And even though, I worked in many other jobs before, most importantly to make ends meet, I never lost sight of myvgoal. But I kind of got caught in a vicious circle, since I had an obligation towards my work as an employee.

At the end, I only saw myself working for others but myself. And this made me very dissatisfied. This year I made the decision: NOW OR NEVER! I am currently pursuing acting full-time and I couldn’t be happier. I am finally doing what I love. Even though I am still at the beginning and working my way through the bizz. But these past couple of months have been so refreshing, energizing and rewarding that I am so excited about what is to come. So never loose sight of your goal and work for it! OUTFIT_FAUX_FUR_ZARA_GITTA_WITZEL


Faux Fur – Zara // Turtleneck sweater – Vero Moda // Pants – Zara //Bag – MangoOUTFIT_FAUX_FUR_ZARA_GITTA_WITZEL

Photography by René Hornig



In collaboration with Flaconi.de / Anzeige –

I am so thrilled to finally be sharing these images for the launch of the new Gucci Bloom with you. It is the first fragrance designed by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele. With today’s contemporary woman in mind – ‘Bloom’ was born. Notes for this floral fragrance include jasmine, tuberose, orris and Rangoon creeper. If that doesn’t ring a bell than how about picturing a woman in an urban surrounding who somehow finds an idyllic garden in the heart of this concrete jungle. She enters the garden and finds herself in the middle of a flower parade. The contrast of this theme is also underscored with the purity of the vintage powder pink bottle and inside the flacon you find this blooming explosion.




For this project, I had the pleasure of working with Flaconi again. Together with talented (wedding photographer) Jennifer Becker, I already shoot this campaign last year. And the saying goes: Never change a winning team! So, of course I asked her again and look how unbelievable good the pictures turned out to be. We actually were a whole team of photographer, make-up artist, set stylist and well, me. I absolutelty loved it and could definitely get used to it :-)

And this fragrance is for sure my new favorite. Since wearing it, I was already addressed by couple of strangers telling me how good I smell. Isn’t that the nicest compliment?! If you know me than you know how obsessed I am with good scents. Fragrances have a very unique feature. Their are invisible, but yet present. They wrap yourself in a layer of emotions and memories.


Look 1:

Dress – Asos (Shop HERE)


Look 2:

Dress – iBlues Powder (Shop HERE)
Heels – Topshop (Shop HERE)




Photographer – Jennifer Becker // Hair & Make-up – Marika Becker // Set Stylist – Simon Böstrow




Berlin Fashion Week 2017 is over and I was recovering from all the trouble in Hamburg. On my Instagram stories I have already shown you some impressions of last weeks fashion circus. In this post I like to introduce you to the three major trends, which you could observe on all shows and street styles: fishnet tights, ruffles and checked patterns.



Lately, they have become omnipresent and there are multiple ways to show them off. They have become a great statement accessory. I decided to go for the ‘plain version’ – if you can say so. Even though there is a slightly wicked image about it and I for sure caught some views I think they are simply great. I loved this look way more with these fishnet tights than without and since fashion is always some kind of statement I went for this ‘provocative look’.



Well, ruffles can be found everywhere. On the arm like in my outfit, on the shoulders, on the front of a shirt oder skirt – even on shoes. You see. I think this detail is really cute and a bit girly and makes and even boring jumper unique.



They are back! Once again, you’ll see checked patterns not , but skirts, dresses, coats – and so on. I love the 90’s vibe that comes with it and if you use them dezent, than it is for sure a great.

mbfwb_aw17_berlin_fashion_week_streetstyleCoat – H&M // Organza Dress – Bershka // Checked Dress – Vintage // Bag – DKNY  // Shoes – Zara


Photography by The Styleograph 



Hey guys! I still have some unpublished pictures from the shooting with Jennifer Becker for my collaboration with Roger & Gallet. We shot them right in time during a beautiful summer sunset in Berlin. The golden light as you would say – it is just magical. I wish this time of the day would be longer and always as beautiful as this. But before you know the sun already disappeared. For the look, well it is probably one of the most revealing outfits I have worn since my teenage years. It is very daring, but I wanted to style something very sensual for the fragrance, because that is my association with ‘wearing a perfume’. I hope you like these pictures as much as I do. Go and check out Jennifer’s work for more beautiful photography.

gitta_witzel_outfit_white_dress_red_heels_look-4Gitta_Witzel_Outfit_White_Dress_Red_Heels_LookGitta_Witzel_Outfit_White_Dress_Red_Heels_LookGitta_Witzel_Outfit_White_Dress_Red_Heels_LookDress – Y.A.S // Shoes – Zara // Earrings – H&M

Gitta_Witzel_Outfit_White_Dress_Red_Heels_LookPhotography by Jennifer Becker Photography



In collaboration with Flaconi.de / Anzeige –

A perfume – that is probably one of the most recognizable features you can wear. It is like the invisible accessory you put on. The sense of smell and its relationship to emotional feelings is one of a kind. Like how many times has a certain scent brought back a million memories?

I must admit that I am kind of addicted to scents and I hardly ever leave the house without putting on one of my few fragrances. In this matter I am going for the more the better (sorry to my colleagues who said more than once that I am surrounded by a certain cloud of perfume). But I prefer to be remembered as the one who smells good than – well you know where this is going. Therefore I was so happy when Flaconi reached out and asking me to try the new product line by Roger & Gallet. Even though I already have some favorite fragrances I am always excited to try out new ones. Among the different fragrance lines I choose Gingembre Rouge (red ginger), which aroused my desire by the ‘vibrant and addictive fragrance that can be worn everyday’ description. And I have not been disappointed. This scent is for sure on very fresh, energizing and light. Check out there other perfume collections HERE.



Since a good scent means so much to me, I am so happy that I am able to give on of you a 15% OFF Coupon for Flaconi.de, where you can also shop other beauty stuff.

How to participate?

  1. Leave a comment under this post telling me which scent your favorite is or with which scent you associate pleasant memories.
  2. Follow me on Facebook
  3. Cross your fingers :)

The competition runs until the 18th of September 2016. I will contact the lucky winner by mail.

NOTE: The giveaway is only available for my German readers. So sorry!





Photography by Jennifer Becker Photography



In collaboration with Irresistible Me / Anzeige –

HAIR STYLING! As most of my friends know, my hair is kind of my little trademark. Not only because they are long, healthy and thick (feeling sorry for all the girls out there where this is not the case!), but also because I change my hair styling a lot. Either by using hair accessories or by different hairdos with straightened or curled hair. Naturally I have a mixture of curls and waives – depends on how I let them dry. Since I am a bit clumsy regarding my hair styling I prefer the simple ways. So I was super happy that I got to try the new Ruby Auto Rotating Curler from Irresistible Me. It automatically winds up your hair – well how easy is that! And I sure couldn’t complain about the outcome. Unfortunately my hair is quite heavy and despite having used tons of hair spray the curls flattened out really fast. If you have any tips and tricks to make them last longer, please let me know!