Three months in 2017 have passed and I can already say that this year is full of change! First I started my new job and now I just moved into my new apartment. 2017 – you rock!

As a person who always drives for new things and who tries to avoid routine, it was about time that I moved out of my shared flat into my own 2 bedroom crib with a nice view over the city. Since I moved to Berlin in 2012 I lived in two mezzanine floor apartments and always missed brightness in the rooms. Therefore I took a big  step up the ladder and went for this fifth floor apartment (without an elevator!). You can image that moving up there was fun … NOT. Well, I considered it a pretty good workout and it still is one – every single day!

But I don’t want to complain, because moving is also so much fun. I already moved multiple times in my life and I always love the feeling when you walk into an empty apartment for the very first time and start conceptualizing the interior. Being a kid I remember that becoming an interior designer was one of my dream jobs. Back then I used to rearranged my room quite often and always thought about what to do next with my furniture. I had so much pleasure with that, that I thought doing it for a living wouldn’t be the worst choice hehe.

As I already own a lot of furniture, I don’t plan on buying new stuff any time soon. But working with the things you have, can also be quiet challenging. So before I show you some before and after photos on the blog, I thought about sharing some inspiration I am looking for at the moment. Since quiet some time I am a big fan of minimalist designs with industrial elements. Therefore I am constantly browsing through Pinterest, Tumblr and various interior shops and here are some of my favorite designs. I absolutely love brick wall elements, light floors, huge bright rooms, industrial lamps and metal details. Hope you like it!


Images via Pinterest, Tumblr and Vosgesparis