Hello guys ! I am back with the #7waystowear blogger project I am part of. As you have seen in my first post, we always choose one piece or way of styling and interpret it in our own ways. So for now we have chosen the layering look. Since the weather in Berlin was quite nasty lately, I had to shoot my look indoors (sorry for the bad picture quality!). I didn’t want to shoot in any indoor location, so I opted for the Bikini Berlin, since it not only has a really cool interior, but it is a place all about fashion, food and design with a lot of stylish pop-up stores. No surprise, I really like this place! Honestly, I don’t do layering that often, so styling this outfit was a bit challenging for me. But here you go! I combined my Paisley dress from Rut&Circle with a long black cardigan. On top I wore my ivory white Blazer and some black Budapester shoes. The top of the icing is my hat. Do you like the way I layered my outfit? #7WAYSTOWEAR_LAYERING_LOOK_GITTAWITZEL-11









Dress – Rut&Circle // Cardigan + Blazer – H&M // Shoes – Asos // Bag – Mango 


Photography by Vivian 



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