Gazing on the calendar today. And there it is. In cold print: 03 December 2017. I am asking myself what has happened from January to November and why 2017 is already expiring. By the time I am getting older, I just want to press pause at some point as the years seem rushing by faster and faster. Do you feel me? I made 2017 a year of changes. And I mean a lot of changes. But what would life be without change? Right. Boring!


I guess, I made on of the most important decisions in my life this year. So, if you follow me on my Instagram already or have read some of my articles, you may or may not know that I also work for tv/film productions. Preferably in front of the camera. And that is actually something I wanted to do as long as I can think of. And even though, I worked in many other jobs before, most importantly to make ends meet, I never lost sight of myvgoal. But I kind of got caught in a vicious circle, since I had an obligation towards my work as an employee.

At the end, I only saw myself working for others but myself. And this made me very dissatisfied. This year I made the decision: NOW OR NEVER! I am currently pursuing acting full-time and I couldn’t be happier. I am finally doing what I love. Even though I am still at the beginning and working my way through the bizz. But these past couple of months have been so refreshing, energizing and rewarding that I am so excited about what is to come. So never loose sight of your goal and work for it! OUTFIT_FAUX_FUR_ZARA_GITTA_WITZEL


Faux Fur – Zara // Turtleneck sweater – Vero Moda // Pants – Zara //Bag – MangoOUTFIT_FAUX_FUR_ZARA_GITTA_WITZEL

Photography by René Hornig