My non-German readers probably won’t know that the term ‘Maschen-Draht-Zaun’ (chain-link fence) experienced some kind of hype in 1999, when Stefan Raab (German entertainer and comedian) dedicated a whole song to it, since there was a person on TV saying it in a really strong accent haha. You can watch it here. It is really funny :D

Anyway, I have always wanted to shoot near a chain-link fence and I think the factory building plus the construction site just makes the picture perfect. Therefore I only put on a shirt, beanie and some shoes and there you go. But I will show you some more outfit pictures in another post next week, where you can see the outfit worn a bit differently and also with a different setting. So stay tuned!BYTHEFENCE-21





Beanie – River Island // Shirt – Primark // Shoes – Nelly  // Sunglasses – Borrowed from Melissa


Photography by Melissa Loreena