Let’s start by saying that this week was full of events. Most of which were pretty good ones – thanks for that! So here is what happened:

  • On Wednesday, 1st of February I started my new job as a booker. I am responsible for the dubbing process of various movies,tv series etc into German. Unfortunately I can’t tell you more because I signed a strict confidentiality clause in my contract as I am working with film/movie material which has not been released anywhere yet.
  • I had a commercial shooting for a big automobile brand on Saturday and it was sooo much fun. I always try to show you as much as possible on my IG stories so make sure to follow me there! Eventually I will show you the final clip as well.
  • My dad came by to visit after we haven’t seen each other in a pretty long time. So we spent a nice Sunday in Berlin talking, talking and talking :)


This outfit I am showing you here just represents my current casual winter attire! At this point I must admit that this is what I look like 80% of the time. I always tend to wear simple, casual and sporty clothes. Then I ‘style’ my hair into a messy bun and there you go. Okey, okey I did some highlighting with the obligatory fishnet tights that shine through my distressed jeans. And no winter passes without my most worn piece: the shearling jacket.


Jacket – Bershka // Turtleneck Sweater – Old one // Long Shirt – Cotton On // Ripped Jeans – H&M // Boots – Dr. Martens


Photography by Christina Lind