In collaboration with New Look / Anzeige –

If you haven’t heard of the term athleisure clothing let me quickly introduce you to probably the best clothing trend you will ever know of. Athleisure is a compound word formed of athletic and leisure. Which basically means that integrating your sportswear into your everyday wear is now considered to be highly fashionable. I always dreamed of the moment that staying in my joggers the whole day becomes accepted by the fashion industry. Luckily after the sneaker boom a couple of years ago and increasingly important fitness and healthy lifestyle trends – the day finally arrived. Big fashion houses jumped on that bandwagon and launched their own athleisure clothing lines such as IVY Park from Beyoncé – successfully.


Combining fashion and function can be a bit tricky. So in order to pull off that athleisure clothing trend properly there are some rules you can follow to look as chic and sporty as possible. Just always think about getting ready for the gym but also be prepared if the occurs a sudden coffee date prior to that ;)

  • Combine sneakers to suits or dresses.
  • Layer sports pieces under regular fashion items: Sports bra under a denim shirt or jacket,  leggings under a chic coat.
  • Combine joggers with some heels.
  • Make leggings more streetwear appropriate by pairing them with longer tops or tying a (checked) shirt around your waist.




Coat – Zara
Shirt – New Look (Shop HERE – affiliate link)
Joggers – New Look (Shop HERE – affiliate link)
Boots – Just Fab 
Sunglasses – New Look (Shop HERE – affiliate link)

Photography by Christina Lind