In collaboration with Forzieri / Anzeige – New website design also means new blogpost. Since a couple of weeks now I have been working on my new website where I finally included lots of acting related information. It is still a work in progress but I wanted it to become a more professional personal website than solely a blog. Because many of you already now that acting is my main passion and goal and I am so happy that this year went quite well. I was booked for several roles in some cool productions. A week ago, Dogs of Berlin – the second German Netflix series was released. I am super proud to have been part of this production! You should definitely check it out!Taking the occasion of my new layout to also revive this blog again. It is about time, I know! I have so many pictures in store, which I really like to share with you. And I will take the next couple of weeks to do so. But let us start off with my latest collaboration. I teamed up with the luxury online store Forzieri to introduce you to their exclusive handbag brand LeParmentier Paris. The handbags are timeless and elegant pieces. I wore my peggy leather satchel bag together with my newest obsession, the scarf printed velvet pants and a cobalt blue blouse with my wool coat on top. How do you like the look?

Pictures were taken by the very talented and fastest working photographer I know : Tonya Matyu  


Le Parmentier Peggy Leather Satchel Bag – Forzieri
Scarf Print Velvet Flare Trousers – Urban Outfitters
Long blouse – Glamorous
Wool coat – H&M