Summer in the city, so get your flip flops on and let’s go! Wait, what? Flip Flops – a shoe which most fashion designers won’t consider to be a shoe, but others keep saying ‘It is the most simple shoe in the world’. And I agree! You guys know that most of the times I live by the rule ‘simplicity is key’ and this look is no exception. So I tried to style my the ultracool red orange flip flops during one of these very warm summer days in Berlin. And yes: Orange is the new black :) Sidenote: Summer seems to be gone towards other regions in the world right now! But hey, at least one summer outfit.

My friend Christina who helped me to take these pictures is also a really talented hair and make up artist (we already worked together for this project), so I also asked her to do me these cool boxer braids which I am a huge fan of but not able to do myself. In the end I think I looked like Sporty Spice with this meshed tanktop, backpack and these flip flops. Are you PRO or CONTRA flip flops? Let me know in the comments below!



Shirt – VILA // Skirt – Missguided // Shoes – Flip*Flops //Jewelry – Stella & Dot