What happens when you ask your uncle and cousin to come up with a cool headline for these photographs?  First you will have a lot to laugh about and second you can watch them philosophize for minutes. The result: The urban ambiguity – smart & sober. Pretty cool huh? Well, they even thought about starting a firm specialized in creating headlines haha.

So, back to these photographs which I can finally share with you. We took them on the day of my big Gucci Bloom campaign photoshoot for which I selected a couple of floral dresses in order to complement the message of the new Gucci Bloom fragrance. I really fell in love with this floral ombre dress, but it wasn’t suitable for the campaign shoot. So, on our way to the restaurant as we were super hungry and exhausted, we quickly stopped at an industrial area in Dessau to take these outfits pics in like 10 minutes. But they turned out soooo good and are probably my favorite pictures of 2017.

Speaking of which. 2017 is almost over and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. This came way to quickly. I am currently at my relatives and will travel to my hometown and am really looking forward to see all my friends & family again. Happy Holidays. x Gitta

Floral ombre dress – Asos // Ankle Boots – Glamorous via Asos // Baker Boy Hat – Asos // Coat – H&M 

Photography by Jennifer Becker