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Aaaand I am back. I know it has been a while since I last published a blogpost, and I am sorry for everyone who has been waiting for a new update. Not that I want to excuse the wait, but a lot has been going on. In fact, the first half of 2018 was one of most intensive times I had in a while. Unfortunately doing justice to my blog was not part of it even though it was on my mind the whole time. But with my (sometimes very strong) all-or-nothing personality I felt like I wasn’t able to do it properly. Therefore I let it rest. Once you are committed to something, you just want to do it right, and if other circumstance keep you from doing that, I think it’s better to put it on hold until you can focus on it again.

Without going into full detail, I think that a very turbulent roller coaster ride would describe the last six months best. With a lot of highs, and a lot of lows. It was exhausting to say the least. But the human body and mind works kind of funny, because it can cope with a looooot. Up until a certain point. I know that I can handle stress very well, and sometimes I even work best under. But when you hit that certain point, nothing seems to work anymore. I lacked everything: Energy, creativity, motivation, etc. In the end,  I had to press the pause button for my own sake. Which is what what I just did.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen that I recently have been to New York (Yes, there will be a blogpost about that trip soon – currently working on it!). For ten days, I took the much neaded break, and tried to recharge and free my mind. It was the best I could have done. Even though New York may not seem to be the typical city to relax, but I was longing to head back to the states again. Everyone who knows me well,  knows how much I love it there. And my last New York visit was nine years ago, so it was definitely about time!

While being there, I decided that I have to get back into blogging as it was something I really missed. I just love being creative on my own, with no one telling me how things should be done, how some things work or need to look like. Plus there is no algorithm I have to figure out (this might seem to be an unresolvable task anyway) haha.

So here are some pictures from my latest shoot with Carolin. We met in the lovely Berlin café House of Small Wonder which has one of the most beautiful entry areas I have ever seen. Like an urban jungle with lots of plants and wood. I also just found out that the place was originally created in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. No wonder why I also fell in love with Williamsburg, but I will tell you more about that soon. And as fate would have it, my top matched the surrounding :-) Hope you like them!

Photography by Carolin Kruse