Hi guys! My New Years resolution is and remains updating my blog regularly despite having a full time job. But currently I am really lacking in time and definitely sleep, so today I only show you some black and white portraits I shot with Ingolf Bode back in 2013. I was looking for a photographer to shoot some new pics for my agencies, because I also work for TV/film where up-to-date photography and video material is a must-have. Ingolf is a photographer specialized in portrait photography working mostly with actors/actresses and models, so I guess he was the perfect choice since I really like the results. Hope you like them too ?! Soon I will show you the latest pictures of a shooting I did for my agencies ;)

Apart from that, I am really looking forward to Thursday! First I will share with you a post, which is part of a really cool project I have with six other bloggers and second I will travel to Hamburg to visit Melissa. And as I know Melissa and myself we will have some nice shootings :)

GittaWitzel_IngolfBode-4GittaWitzel_IngolfBode-2 GittaWitzel_IngolfBode-5

Photography by Ingolf Bode