In collaboration with Irresistible Me / Anzeige –

HAIR STYLING! As most of my friends know, my hair is kind of my little trademark. Not only because they are long, healthy and thick (feeling sorry for all the girls out there where this is not the case!), but also because I change my hair styling a lot. Either by using hair accessories or by different hairdos with straightened or curled hair. Naturally I have a mixture of curls and waives – depends on how I let them dry. Since I am a bit clumsy regarding my hair styling I prefer the simple ways. So I was super happy that I got to try the new Ruby Auto Rotating Curler from Irresistible Me. It automatically winds up your hair – well how easy is that! And I sure couldn’t complain about the outcome. Unfortunately my hair is quite heavy and despite having used tons of hair spray the curls flattened out really fast. If you have any tips and tricks to make them last longer, please let me know!