Can you remember the ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ song by Green Day? Well, where else to think of the lyrics than in a city full of aspirations, hopes and glamour. Exactly, Los Angeles! To be more precisely on Hollywood Boulevard, which embodies the American dream come true. A place known for it’s glitz and glamour, fame and fortune.

I have already visited Hollywood Boulevard back in 2007, when I spent some time in Santa Monica for a language course. So I was really excited when we chose a nearby accommodation during our road trip. This place is already quite breathtaking during the day. But when the sun goes down and the lights turn on it is just magical. Melissa and I strolled through the area even though we were really tired after traveling from Carlsbad to LA that day. For the great occasion of walking on Hollywood Blvd at night I threw on my figure hugging black dress and some red heels. I lived slightly on the edge by wearing a MIAMI snap at the west coast – how dare I! But tried to make up to it with wearing a LA engraved backpack. Haha.



Photography by Melissa Loreena