Surfing in Bali : A dream come true. After all these years that I wanted to learn how to surf I made it happen and ticked it off my bucket list. And Bali was for sure the perfect spot for it, because it is a surfing paradise. I tried to get us into a surf camp but Melissa and I changed our plans and booked private lessons instead. On our first day we took a two hour lesson at Odyssee Surf School.

I wouldn’t have thought that TWO HOURS of surfing feels like running a marathon (Note: I didn’t run a marathon yet, but it is on my bucket list). I think you get the comparison. Our teacher did an amazing job though and I couldn’t have asked for a better way for us to learn the basics of surfing. It didn’t take us long before Melissa and I surfed our first baby wave.


But I soon realized that there is still sooo much to learn. Not only practical wise, but also theoretical. Therefore I might want to go into a surf camp soon. Because besides all the fun I never ever want to get into the situation where I have been on my fourth day of surfing or so. Where somehow I totally lost control of almost everything and had big trouble to get back to the beach. Even though it looks so easy you must not underestimate this sport, because it is pretty tough and can also be very risky.

Before flying back to Singapore we used every last minute of our stay in Kuta Beach to take some photo of us surfing. I can’t wait for me to ride a green wave, because surfing on this baby white waves doesn’t look so cool as the ‘real’ surfer shots. But everyone starts somewhere :) I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed surfing. And one thing is for sure: I will be back on that surf board.

Have you been surfing before? And do you maybe have any recommendations for a cool surf camp? 


Photography by Melissa Loreena