04:30 wake up call. Honestly, I rather go to bed at this time than to wake up. But dragging myself out of bed at such an unsociablehour was probably worth every second I experienced afterwards. Melissa and I wanted to go to the Griffith Observatory in order to watch the sunrise in Los Angeles. So we put on some relaxed clothes and drove up to the observation deck. In retrospect you could have shot incredible outfits over there as seen later on Adam Gallagher.

Well, thinking properly isn’t my best quality in the morning. We arrived just on time and positioned ourselves with some other early risers to watch Los Angeles being covered in light. I wish I wouldn’t be that grumpy person I am in the morning and that it would be easier for me to get up at such a time. Because it is incredible what you can see, achieve and experience in the morning. But Los Angeles gives me such a load of energy that I might get used setting my alarm before 8am.


We should appreciate mother nature way more often as she presents us moments which are so precious and unique. Everything is so peacefully quiet, fresh and untouched in the morning. Once the first sunbeam hits the surface the city gets covered with a magical lightning and rightly is called the city of angels. You just feel that there is a fresh start and a new day full of possibilities lies ahead of you. Therefore I highly recommend you to experience this time of the day at Griffith Observatory and listed it to my bucketlist series on the blog. If you like my presentations I would like to introduce you my other experiences as well :  Watching the sunset at Horseshoe bend + Driving through Death Valley ansehen.

PS: By the way these pictures were shot before we crossed by the crazy pink Paul Smith Wall on Melrose and shot this outfit over there. Everything before 12 am – so productive.

Have a good start into the new week <3 

gitta_witzel_watching_sunrise_in_los_angeles_bucketlistgitta_witzel_watching_sunrise_in_los_angeles_bucketlistgitta_witzel_watching_sunrise_in_los_angeles_bucketlistgitta_witzel_watching_sunrise_in_los_angeles_bucketlistgitta_witzel_watching_sunrise_in_los_angeles_bucketlistgitta_witzel_watching_sunrise_in_los_angeles_bucketlistgitta_witzel_watching_sunrise_in_los_angeles_bucketlistgitta_witzel_watching_sunrise_in_los_angeles_bucketlistgitta_witzel_watching_sunrise_in_los_angeles_bucketlistgitta_witzel_watching_sunrise_in_los_angeles_bucketlistgitta_witzel_watching_sunrise_in_los_angeles_bucketlistPhotography by Melissa Loreena and myself