You’ve probably heard by now that there is something called the ‘Bucket list’. It can be described as THE most important to-do list of your life and lists all your dreams and goals which you would like to accomplish before you die. Ok, death is a topic no one likes to think or even talk about. But well, we can’t deny that eventually the day, when we will leave this beautiful earth will come. For some sooner or later, but it is inevitable. So of course most of us have certain dreams or plans they want to realize before that day comes. 


As the list is every individuals wish list of life dreams, no list will be the same. So I don’t want to present you a collection of points in order to have lived a happy life like the articles about ‘100 things to do, 66 places to see, bla bla bla’ intent to say. But rather give you inspiration for developing your own, because bucket lists can definitely change over time. That is why I will start this new blog series ‘Bucket list’ from now on and presenting you guys moments, places, activities or what so ever, which were of great significance to me and might as well be to you.

In this post I am introducing you to the moment of watching the sunset at Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. Honestly, it wasn’t exactly on my ‘Bucket list. But thinking back I experienced something really mesmerizing.  Prior our road trip I didn’t even know about this place which is located near Page town in Arizona. The location itself is already really impressive, but seeing the sunset at the horizon from the UNPROTECTED! steep cliff  from where there is a 1,000-foot (300 m) drop to the Colorado River. Hell yeah was I scared, but it was worth it every second! Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed this beautiful moment. And I can only recommend to experience the same thing once. All the best! x Gitta

PS: I am very curious if you already have a bucket list and if so, what’s on it? Please let me know in the comments area.



Skirt – Vero Moda // Top – Zara // Kimono – Forever 21 // Shoes – H&M


Photography by Melissa Loreena