TGIF – Time to relax ! This week was intense – my to-do list seems endless these days. But let’s talk about the Bomber Jacket Trend. I am a huge fan of those jackets and already own a couple. One of them is this green one from Glamorous, which I had with me while traveling in the US last year. We shot some really cool outfit pictures with it in Morro Bay, which I already presented you guys in the first BY THE BAY post. Still had couple of pictures from the shoot which I had to publish. So here you have this look again, since it is one of my favorites. Can’t wait for spring to wear this outfit again. What do you think of this trend piece?

GittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeans-9GittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeans-24GittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeans-23GittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeans-5GittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeans-21GittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeans-6GittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeansGittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeans-7GittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeans-19GittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeans-12GittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeans-22GittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeans-4GittaWitzel_BYTHEBAY_Bomberjacket_RippedJeans-18Photography by Melissa Loreena